Monday, April 16, 2012

The dreaded colonoscopy!!!

Okay, so Friday I had my colonoscopy. I have to admit, it REALLY wasn't that bad. I think the worst part was the fasting.. I like to eat, and I get really irritable when I'm hungry. Even the cleansing part of it... When I compared it to how I felt with all my issues, that led me to this in the first place - it wasn't nearly as bad as the nights I spent sick and and in pain. Though I might not drink blue gatorade again for a LONG time.

As for the actual procedure. I went in first thing, and got hooked up to an IV, they then took me back to the procedure room and I had some issue with the blood pressure cuff squeezing me too hard and I got nervous about it (since my mastectomy, I worry about arm numbness) and asked them to move it to my leg. They were all very nice and seemed to want to make me comfortable.  Then they gave me the sedation and I was OUT. I do have some vague memory of very briefly coming into awareness and having some discomfort, and then quickly going out again.

Then I remember very little about waking up after and the doctor talking to my mom, her taking me out to get something to eat, then napping while she watched Borgia on Netflicks until my husband came home. I felt really groggy that day, but otherwise okay. I felt absolutely fine the next day, maybe even better than I felt before the procedure.

I have pictures... basically all he found was an ulcer which he thought might be caused by my anti-inflammatory medication. Otherwise it looked good I guess. He took a biospy of the IC valve, and if that comes back showing any signs of IBD he may recommend a CT. So now It's just waiting again for the results of that.

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