Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just when I was starting to feel normal...

Good news!  My autoimmune issue seems to be under control... or not bothering me.  I have alot more energy and I don't feel sore all over all the time.   It's nice.  The last couple of days my right boob has started feeling a little odd.  It kept me up night before last.  It kind of felt like the implant was rotating or something.  Maybe like the magnetic port was trying to get out through the top of my breast... It was fairly uncomfortable.  I will ask the PS about it today, at my pre-op appointment.

Yes that is right - Pre-op appointment!!!  June 15th is the date for my exchange surgery.  Two weeks and two days away.  The week before hand my husband will be out of town, so I'm a little concerned about how I'm going to get everything ready (at work and at home) without having his help.  He also won't be back until really really late the night of my surgery.  My mom has very kindly offered to spend the day/night with me and shuttle the 5 year old around until he gets back.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the surgery.  I mean I'm excited about being that much closer to being done with this part of my BRCA journey, it will be nice to have the surgeries behind me, but now that i'm feeling so much better, I kind of hate to go into surgery again!  Feels like it will be a set back, back to lifting restrictions, and resting alot and fear of infection, and concern about wound healing, and what if it like sets off my autoimmune thing again, BLEH. 

So I'll just try to look at the positives.  I really do like napping and resting.  I read other blogs with people who are so eager to get back to exercising and being active.  And I can admit lately now that I've been feeling well, it's been nice to go on bike rides (got a bike for mother's day!!) and it felt good to walk the 5k Komen Race for the Cure with my daughter and co-workers.  But seriously, I could be very content if I was allowed a nap every afternoon..

Ok, so speaking of feeling normal.  I had to take my older daughter to the aiport this morning because she is spending the summer overseas with her father.  It didn't even cross my mind until last night around 7:15 on my way home from work (long day) that I might have an issue going through security with magnetic ports on my breast implants!!!  I researched online and asked on the FORCE message boards (while trying to ensure my daughter was set to go)  All I could really find was that I should carry an info card.  well... too late for that!  I don't have one and there wasn't a way to get one from the PS between last night and 7 am this morning when I needed to be at the airport.

So I told the lady TSA agent checking IDs and passes (I get an escort pass since she's a minor so I can see her off at the gate), that I had tissue expanding implants for breast reconstruction with magnetic ports and asked what her recommendation was when I got up to the checkpoint, she said she knew what I was talking about and that the body screener would be more likely to detect them, but it would limit the secondary screening to that general area of my body, where if I went through the metal detector and set it off I would potentially have a more thorough secondary screening (full body pat down?)

I decided to go through the body screener, and sure enough it caught them, so they pulled me aside, and another female TSA agent came over, I explained to her about the implants and she agreed that was likely what it was, asked if I was sore any where and said she'd be gentle and quick.  Then she just very lightly patted around the top sides and did a quick swipe under the breasts, and that was it.  I can see how someone could feel embarrassed by it being out in the open like that, but I didn't have a problem with it.  It was quick and painless and assured the airport I was I wasn't smuggling a bomb in my bra.    HA.  just realized the irony in that.. BRCA + people sometimes refer to their breasts as time bombs before mastectomy.  I got rid of my time bombs and now I'm suspicious at the airport. 

I took the day off work today.  I'm glad I did, I'm super emotional.  No way I could have gone to work.  I remember last time I took her to the airport I got a little teary but it wasn't like it was a new experience... seeing her off like that.  It just hit me really hard this time.   So now I'm going to fix myself up and try to look like I haven't been crying all morning to go to my preop appointment.  HOPEFULLY I'll hear what I want to hear about the implants!

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  1. Friday May 18 I had a revision surgery and the surgeon put in bigger implants. That afternoon I was playing with my kids. A week later he lifted my weight lifting restrictions and now I keep forgetting that I had surgery almost two weeks ago. You should bounce back fairly quickly after this surgery.