Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, October 4th, was my 1 year anniversery of my mastectomy.  It's been a crazy year!  Wow.  It seems like it was a long year, yet it also seems like just yesterday.   Weird how time works that way.

One thing I can tell you that will hopefully ease fears of anyone who is currently experiencing pain, or afraid of whats to come.  At some points I was afraid I would always feel that pain, or I'd look back and remember nothing but the pain.  But at this point, I know I felt pain, and it was really bad, and I remember that it really hurt, but for the most part I've forgotten what it really felt like.  It's faded. So Number 1 - the pain is gone.  Number 2 - its not seared into my brain.  The real point here is that even though I have these scars, I have lowered my risk

I still think about my boobs everyday.  Its only been a little over 3 months since finishing my reconstruction, so I think thats probably not abnormal.  Maybe I'll think about them everyday for the rest of my life?  Maybe I thought about them everyday before I had the surgery?  I don't even remember what it was like to not be obsessed with my boobs.

I'm currently on a diet, and trying lose some of the weight I put on in hopes of being able to do fat grafting, and I'm excited that my boobs will look bigger when the rest of me is smaller.  Its going pretty well!  I've lost about 12 pounds so far.  I think between the healthy eating, and the increased exercise, my body is feeling really energized, and I feel good!   Its been a long time since I felt this good.

This is also a big time of transition for me.  In addition to Thursday being my 1 year mastectomy anniversary, it was also my last day at my job.  I'm starting a new job on Monday.  (this is by choice)Its a whole new industry and its kind of scary!  I've worked in private, for profit, higher education for almost 7 years of my 8 years of professional experience, and now I'm transitioning into healthcare!   I'm moving from a campus executive management role to a non-management entry level position.  But there is lots of opportunity for growth, and I'm pretty excited about the challenge of learning a new field.

So anyway.  Thats where I am,  1 YEAR after my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.