Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post Exchange Pictures added and post op update.

I've posted new pictures on the pictures page, I added pictures from just before the surgery and from yesterday after I got the bandages removed.

I have to say I am pretty happy with the results so far.  They are closer together, though I worry about whether they'll drift apart If I don't keep them strapped.  He said I didn't need to wear anything special, just a comfy soft bra, but after just one night of that I felt like they were drifting to the sides.  So we'll see....

I also didn't know until the bandages came off that he didn't reopen the entire scar!  He only needed to open the area of the scar that goes under the nipple and out to the side, so the portion of the scars on each side that go in to the center of my chest remained closed and so are still fairly nicely healed.  You'll see in the picture they're hardly noticiable (atleast compared to all the other gore going on there).

He said the bruising and discoloration is normal (especially considering my haircolor - and he called me a red head, I'm not sure if thats some kind of joke or not, but I didn't take it as one), and the swelling is normal as well.  He seemed a little concerned about some of the redness, but then we discussed that I did get a little red with just the stretching, so he figures the redness is from the swelling and putting in a bigger implant, and he's not thinking anything looks infected, so I'm to watch them like a hawk to keep an eye out for infection and I'm on antibiotics this time, so we're being extra safe.  But so far it all looks good.

The other thing I didn't know, was that we didn't end up with any of the implants I thought we were talking about.  I thought we were going to go with smooth implants, but when I got my info cards on them it turns out they are textured.

Allergan Natrelle™ Biocell® Style 120
Textured Round High Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implant

The BIOCELL® Round Silicone Matrix enables you to select an implant that uniquely meets the requirements of your preoperative plan with our patented BIOCELL® surface texture designed to provide mild tissue adherence and reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

I got the 400cc implants, with a diameter of 12.1 and projection of 4.5.  So not what I expected, and not sure where they even came from, but I'm happy with them!  Ha I just had a thought - I hope they were actually for ME, that would be uncool if I stole the implants from the next patient.  LOL.  I'm sure thats not the case!

So now I'm able to to shower which is nice.  Yesterday before my appointment I got a haircut with a very nice hairwash.  It's a pretty drastic cut too for those of you who know me - its ALOT shorter (ATLEAST 6 inches fell on the floor).  It's shorter than I really wanted, but I like it.  I think it will be easier for me to pull off a highly professional look.  I think it looks more mature (my moms word - I said "older").

I'm staying on top of the pain meds, so i'm staying pretty comfortable though I'm having issues with feeling too hot and getting itchy (mostly on my back where I can't reach).  

I'm going in to the PS on friday so he can check that all is good before we go into the weekend, then I'll probably see him again the following Friday to remove the tape.  So now I'm just resting, watching daytime tv, trying to not eat too many oreos. 

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