Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out in the Open?

I am unsure how open I want to be with this blog.  There are still many people I haven't informed of my situation, and some people I'm not sure if I want them to know.  I know that by putting this out on the internet without restrictions, and telling anyone about it, I'm making it "public" but that is different than posting it on my facebook where all my friends, coworkers, and family will be notified of it's exsistance.  

I have 2 daughters.  My first daughter is from a prior marriage. My biggest concern is my older daughter finding out this information and what that will be like for her, trying to understand what this means for her.  I haven't shared any of this with her, and I'm not sure how to (or when to).  My second concern is her grandmother or other members of that side of her family finding out and becoming concerned about her genetic situation so many years before we can even find out.

I feel like I definitely need to be the one to have this conversation with my daughter and I want it to be on my terms, in my own time.  So I suppose when the time comes that I'm ready to tell her about this, that will be when I'll post this more openly.  In the mean time, I hope that any one reading this who knows someone who knows someone (or is someone) who finds any benefit in reading this, will share with others.  I'm just not ready to post it on facebook.

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  1. Very understandable! You will know when the time is right for both you and her.