Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Have a Date

I heard back from the plastic surgeons office on Friday regarding a date for the surgery.  She said the two surgeons communicated back and forth and came up with the date of October 4th.  I was told to look at things over the weekend and then confirm on Monday.  No real reason that won't work, so I'll be confirming on Monday.  Tuesday October 4th! 

Honestly, I'm a little freaked out now.  I don't know if it's that I was thinking about it a little less for the last week or two, or if it's that having a date makes it more real.  That is probably it.  Having a date set means there are people actually making preparations to do this (other than me).  That does make it real.

I'm having a hard time sleeping because I'm debating with myself again.  Am I taking too drastic a step?  No, I don't want to take my chances!  Did I pick a plastic surgeon too quickly?  He was highly recommended and seemed straight forward and honest.  Could I get a difference answer from a different surgeon?  Probably, but would they be just telling me what I want to hear?   Maybe, you just don't know!  I'm a crazy person.  At least I'm not having these debates out loud in the middle of the grocery store.

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  1. Trust me I completely understand! Look at some of my blogs from the month before my surgery. I was NUTS! It'll all be over soon :)