Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm more than my boobs!

I was talking with my cousin today, about the kind of grieving process I'm going through with this, and I commented something about boobs being a part of my identity.  and she told me, "you are more than your boobs".   (sorry if this was not the exact quote.. this is the quote in my memory right now and it works)  And yes.  When you look at it that way.. I am!    Boobs are great and all... and I love mine, but there are definitely more important things, not just in life in general, but about me as a person!  It's not like I'm losing my feet, or my hands, or my eyes, or my LIFE.   Seriously, I'm back on the band wagon!    Just 33 more days to go...

1 comment:

  1. hang in there! this is the hardest part of all. harder than the actual surgery, reconstruction, and exchange. you are in the thick of it right now,but you'll weather the storm.