Saturday, August 6, 2011

58 Days to go!

As my countdown clock reminds me, I only have 58 days to go!  I've been reading a blog the last few days of a woman who found out she had cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy with expander reconstruction.  Her timeframe was so much smaller than mine.  I have to say I am thankful for the time I have.  On the medical side, the people planning appointments and imaging and procedures all seem to be treating it as though it is still soooo far out there, while I'm here feeling like I'm running out of time to get everything done I need/want to do before doing this!  But I'm so thankful that this is a choice I've made - I was able to choose a time frame that is "ideal" and plan for it!  I'll be as prepared as I ever could be I suppose.  Some people don't have that luxury.  I am blessed.

I also have been arranging with my sister to go to Colorado for labor day weekend and get some relaxing sister time and some much appreciated accupuncture/color puncture treatment.  That will be very nice.  She now lives in the town I lived as a small child, so it will be interesting to see a place from childhood memories from adult eyes.

Things are coming together nicely at work.  HR, my supervisor, and "the boss" are on board with the plan to bring someone in to help out temporarily while I'm gone (and for a few weeks before and after to get up to speed) That will be such a huge relief to not have to worry about what is going on work. 

On Tuesday, I'm going to go to lunch with my older daughter's grandmother (her fathers mother) to tell her about all this.  It's alot to take in I'm sure, and she hasn't been privy to any of it over the last year and half all of this has been developing.  I know she cares about me and I really don't want her feeling that I've kept this away from her, but I really haven't known what to say, afterall, I don't have breast cancer, this has just been a series of decisions I needed to make to get me to where I am now, and I now that I have a plan I feel this is a necessary thing before explaining to my 13 year old daughter what I'm about to do.  I want us adults to have a united/brave front in speaking with her about this or answering questions she's likely to have.

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  1. I can't wait to see you and am extra glad you are coming out! I agree the more support you create around you will help immensely as the difficult "hurdles" come to pass, like telling your daughter. I applaud your taking action in telling her grandmother. :-) 58 days is right around the corner, and be sure to let us all know how we can support you as your date approaches, and after. Hugs!