Monday, September 19, 2011

The Plastic Surgeon - Pre-op

Today I had my pre-op appointment with the plastic surgeon.  He was much more personable this time.  I didn't get alot of new information.  We discussed again the location of the incision.  He still thinks it's too risky to do the incision under the breast, so under the nipple and out each side an inch or so.   

As required, I've stopped taking my anti-inflammatory medication, so hopefully it doesn't get too bad, but that's what the hydrocodone is for right?!  I mentioned that to him too and he said that is fine, that what that means to him is that I may just need more (higher dose?) of the pain meds after surgery, since my body is accustomed to taking them.

I had read lots of places about patients being prescribed anti-anxiety medication for the night before and morning of the surgery, he said he doesn't do that because he wants to ensure the patient can stand up when he needs to draw on them, (which he'll do the morning of the surgery).. so okay.  I've had surgery before with out anti-anxiety meds.  I can do it again!

He did ease one of my concerns by saying the expanders would be partially filled at the time of surgery.  So I won't wake up complete flat chested!  They'll need to somewhat fill out the skin that is left behind.  Then after a few weeks we'll start fills, which if I'm remembering correctly I believe he said weekly.  Then after we achieve the size we want, we'll leave the expanders in for probably about 3 months before having the exchange surgery, to (silicone - yay) implants.

He said we'd kind of have to play the reconstruction by ear.  We'll have to wait and see what my body will tolerate before we can know what kind of results to expect. 

Of course, this was the time when we had to read, and be told, all the horrible things that could happen.  Ranging from having scars (duh?) to deadly infections and multiple surgeries, skin dying, and bleeding risks, and the potential to need to take muscle and skin from my back to repair damage (yikes!).  But I know all this.  Nothing surprising.  Having months to prepare has definitely given me time to look up and read about pretty much anything you can dream of related to this procedure.  I know what the potential is.  I'm just hoping for the best! 

I am willing my body to have the best recovery possible.  I want to impress him with my amazing healing!  When I had my VATS lung biopsy the doctors were very impressed with my healing at my follow up, (but then they mentioned they are used to seeing patients in their 60s and 70s at these types of things... who don't typically heal quite as nicely as 29 year old...)

Interestingly he also pointed out the slight asymmetry of my breasts... apparently the left one is slightly larger than the right.  I know most people (if not all?) have at least this slight difference, but I had always thought mine were VERY close.  but sure enough after he pointed it out, I could tell.  I wonder if part of pointing this out feeds into the overall need to understand that I didn't have perfect breasts to begin with and shouldn't expect them to be perfect when we're done.  Which of course I understand.  I get it - I'm cutting open my breasts and removing their substance, to have them sewn back together containing something unnatural.  I get that they won't be as glorious as the ones I grew naturally.  But again I'm hoping for the best....considering....

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  1. Superior healing runs in our family. Good news for you in this instance!