Thursday, September 29, 2011


I went to bed at 945, read for about 15 minutes, felt sufficiently sleepy, so closed my eyes and fell asleep rather promptly, I had a dream that I now have forgotten and then woke up, eyes wide open, feeling not at all sleepy.  I know it is not yet time to get up because my husband is still asleep and he has to get up more than an hour before I do.  I lay here in bed contemplating what I need/want to accomplish on my last day of work before surgery.  After what feels like 30 minutes of wide awake pondering I decide to check my clock thinking if its close to time to get up, maybe I just will and get an early start.  Imagine my dismay when my clock doesn't say 430, or even the lately typical 230 but rather 1145 PM!!! I've slept less than 2 hours.  Big sigh.  My arm is now tired of text typing this blog on my phone,  so I will now try to sleep again.  Hopefully I will have more restful sleep in the nights to come.

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