Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Doctors Talked

I got a call from the breast surgeon the day before left on vacation.  She said she talked with the rheumatologist and he said he plans to have me on plaquinil for a long time, but he feels it is such a mild immunosuppresant that he thinks we are okay to move ahead with the surgery if things are going well at my follow up appointment in July, but if the plaquinil is not working well or if it is not well tolerated, he would want to consider changing to a stronger medication.  If that were the case he would want us to get the surgery taken care of before switching the medication. 

The breast surgeon also discussed all this with the plastic surgeon and determined that if I want to move forward, they will coordinate with each other on getting some dates that will work for both of them for me to choose from.

I feel like this is good news.  Hopefully my immune system will just be normal/controlled at least long enough for me to get this taken care of!

Next week I have my appointment with the gynecologic oncologist.  Hopefully I'll get some good information about my ovaries and insight as to what that surgery would entail.

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