Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heard back - Kind of..

So I know I said I wasn't really expecting to hear back anything from my ovarian cancer screening.  But I had actually come to expect a call to just say "your results came back normal and your cyst is nothing to worry about it."  So when almost a week later I hadn't heard anything, I started running crazy scenarios through my head (I am prone to this...) like WHAT IF there was something to tell me and all of the doctors who got the report thought another doctor was going to call me, and no one called me and I'm losing precious time to be doing something...

So yesterday I called to check and left a message with the doctor's nurse.  Still hadn't heard back by this afternoon, so I called again and spoke with the nurse who apologized and said it is now on the doctors computer for her to review, but she went ahead and told me that my CA125 was fine.  I asked for the number and she said it was 13.  Under 35 is considered normal.  So thats good!  She also said I "have a TINY (???) cyst on my right ovary and that is normal".  So if the doctor has anything more to tell me, she'll give me a call, but "looks good!"

Side note... I got my annual pap test result in the mail.  Check it out.  Seriously.. I can't imagine getting this in the mail with the box next to "Abnormal" checked.  Would I then have some questions or concerns? YA I think so!!  I sure hope I'd get those results in some way other than a check box in the mail. 

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