Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ah!  41 days away!!  I'm getting nervous about time.

I have all but one of my pre-op appointments set.  I have my MRI on the 14th, my plastic surgeon pre-op on the 19th, breast surgeon pre-op on the 22nd.  Hospital Pre-op on the 26th....  I'll likely have an appointment on the 3rd for injections (for the tracing for the sentinel node biopsy), then the surgery on the 4th! 

My older daughter is back from her summer with her dad.  I'm so happy to see her.  2 months is too long!!  But that means summer is over.  She starts school in 2 days. 

I'm going to Denver in a week and a half and I'm so excited, but I'm guessing the way time flies it will be like stepping off the plane and getting right back on it, 2 weeks from now when I'm back at work after the visit.  Oy. 

Then work - I feel like I was really going to be prepared, give enough notice, work enough to get things totally in line so it would be smooth flowing while I'm gone.  I'm feeling like things aren't working in my favor in that area.  I really don't want to worry about work while I'm recovering!!  I'm not going to lie.. I *would* like to know what is going on.. but I really want what is going on to be good and not stressful. 

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