Monday, October 24, 2011

So I Mentioned the Worst Case Scenario?

Over the weekend my infected breast got worse, subtantially bigger.  I also had a negative reaction to one of the antibiotics.. severely itchy and a rash that has now even spread to my face (tiny blisters all over - ICH)

So I got in to see the surgeon today and got the bad news.  We have arrived at the worst case scenario.  We have to remove the expander and delay reconstrution.  I go in to the hospital today at 3, for surgery at five to remove the expanders. and tomorrow I will come home flat chested with drain tubes.  I'm heartbroken.


  1. Amanda! I am so sorry and am heartbroken for you too.

    Praying praying praying...

  2. Aww so sorry girl :( How long will you have to wait for it to be replaced? In the interim I used this-

    so I'd be more balanced. Hang in there! You'll feel a lot better once the infected one is gone