Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drain Free and Filled!

Today is one day after the two week mark.  I got the drains removed today.  It was rather unpleasant.  I think I described previously how these drains were wrapped around the outer edges of my breast under the skin... well as they were pulled out I could feel it moving through that space, and I think my tissues had probably started trying to attach to it, which is probably what caused pain as it was torn away (thats just my theory). 

Prior to that though I got my first fill.  I was a little nervous about that because it seems like my breasts were still sensitive.  I explained to my plastic surgeon that it seemed like I still had painful sensation and that my incisions sometimes had twinges of pain.  And he said that its just the nerves trying to make sense of what we've done to them, but that in reality I shouldn't have any actual feeling.  He had me lay back and suggested that I close my eyes (unless I really wanted to see him come at me with the big needle).  So I closed my eyes and he said, okay here we go, and I braced myself, and... I felt nothing.  He proceeded to inject my breast (the expander implant) with 50ccs of fluid. and then went on to the next.  Same thing.

It was kind of funny to look down and see bigger boobs!  My husband who was in the room was equally amused.  He called them bionic boobies.

The plastic surgeon is comfortable with where my nipples are at in healing, so now that my drains are out he wants me to compress the boobs with either a tight sports bra or my breast binder from the hospital.  Right now I have both, since I'm not sure that either of them are adequately tight (or comfortable) on their own.  We also went to the store and bought a couple bras that I hope will be more comfortable than what I have currently.

I found what he said about wearing a bra interesting.. I asked if I still needed to wear one and he said that yes, considering that what I had before was the equivenlent of 500ccs and what I have now is essentially 300ccs - I have boobs, and they need support.   ok.   I'm learning that I actually had um... not small.. breasts naturally.  I've always been a bra wearer anyway, so no big deal.  I was just a little curious about this world of non bra wearing I read about on the message boards with women who for some reason aren't required to wear them.

I also mentioned early in the blog that he had said I might not even be able to get them the size they were when I had actually wanted them a bit bigger.  Now it seems that as long as we go slow, we'll see how it goes and might be able to get there (or even a bit bigger!)  YAY!

Anyway.. I am worn out today.  Off to bed I go!

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