Saturday, February 25, 2012

Giving them a break.

My first week back at work was exhausting.  The work isn't physical, it just can be a lot of stress. 

This was the big Friday we have at work in my department every month and had to leave before it was done for my appointment with the PS.  I was hopeful that we would be far enough along that if my appointment ran long or if I was really sore after the fill I could just go home, luckily my appointment was quick because I still had almost 2 hours of work once I got back. Unfortunately the reason it was quick was because we didn't do a fill (and not a long wait)

He was concerned about some redness I had on each breast. He thought it was most likely just stretching and didn't think it was infection, but he wanted to take a break from fills and reassess in another week and keep close eye on the redness.

So I'm bummed of course, and mildly freaked out about the redness. But maybe it will be good to work next week with out the discomfort of a recent fill. that


  1. I want to thank you for being so honest about your journey. I commend you for being brave enough to document the whole process (pictures and all). I am also BRCA+ and I am having my preventative mastectomy and reconstruction next Monday, so reading about your journey has really helped! I feel like I stumbled upon your blog at just the right time! Thank you and stay strong girlie! xox

  2. I agree with the previous poster. I think until I read your blog I didn't have a great idea of what to expect (good and bad). I hope you are not getting another infection. Get some rest and keep us posted.