Thursday, February 2, 2012

Published Pictures Page

So I've put together the pictures to date and posted them on another page, you should find the link to the the "Pictures" page on the right side of the screen.  Please be warned, these are graphic pictures, and if you don't want to see my breasts in various stages of mastectomy and reconstruction - don't look!!  But if you do, go ahead, thats what they're there for.  I've allowed some room at the top with another warning so you can click on the page and then change your mind with out seeing anything.  If you do decide to look, it goes from the bottom up so oldest at the bottom, newest at the top.  Each picture has a caption to explain the picture.  I'm open to feedback here, let me know if you want more information on particular pictures.  Also as I add new pictures I'll mention it in a new post here.

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