Sunday, February 19, 2012

A reminder..

I'm laying in bed catching up on the FORCE message board, while my husband and daughters watch a movie on the couch - daddy/daughter slumber party (they have the day off tomorrow for presidents day and its my first day back to work - bleh!)

I'm full on crying right now because I came across an updated post that started about a year ago, saying that one of the members needed prayers right now because her 6 year old son had just passed away yesterday from cancer, as if that's not enough I read on from prior posts after they'd first had the diagnosis that she had lost her first child to cancer too. 

Meanwhile I can hear my 5 year old giggling at the movie, and my heart aches.

It's a reminder to me how lucky I am, regardless of what I've gone through with finding out my BRCA status and having this surgery, I am blessed by the health of my family, I am so lucky. 
It's also a reminder that BRCA isn't just about me, and my surgeries - its about the rest of my family too and while I don't do a lot of praying in general, I think I will pray that my family never has to experience something so heartbreaking, and I will pray for her and her family that they have the strength to get through this unfathomable tragedy.

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