Monday, February 13, 2012

1st fill! (in round 2)

I got my first post surgical fill in these expanders on Friday.

I'm sure the surgeon thought I was totally paranoid about infection, but he assured me it was understandable considering what I've been through. I had lots of questions about the probability of getting an infection from the fills and how long I should keep the band aids on and should I wash the area in any special way, and was he SURE I shouldn't take antibiotics just to be safe??...

There is a risk of infection from the fill since the port is under the nipple, and if you didn't know this - every natural nipple contains staph bacteria.  So everytime they have to inject through the area around the nipple (the areola).. there is a risk of that bacteria getting into the breast and causing an infection. 

He did do a double swipe of the alcohol on each site to try to make me feel a little better.

He still doesn't want to have me take antibiotics because he feels like when I"m already so limited on what I can take, we should reserve those for when we really need them.

I meant to take a picture of these needles.  They're CRAZY.  And it's even crazier that I can't feel it at all!

We injected 50ccs into each side, so with the 100 injected at the time of surgery and the implant counting for about 50, it is equal to a 200cc implant on each side. 

Due to the extra trauma it's been subjected to, the skin on my left breast is MUCH tighter than the right.  Strangely the left one is currently nicer looking than the right.  But so if you can imagine they're both the same size technically, but they look different.  The right one is kind of spreadout and oddly shaped, and due to the tightness of skin the left one is a nice little dome.    I'll get a new picture up soon!

I definitely was set back a little in my level of discomfort.  I was/am more achey and have had trouble sleeping. 

Today I worked from home (I'm working from home this week and going back onsite next week).  I woke up at about 330 and struggled to fall back to sleep until about 5, when I got up, and decided to start working, and then couldn't because I had to wait to receive my new IT access info.  Once I got it I locked myself out of my laptop trying the password (long story...) I was finally able to log in on my desktop computer about 11 am.  and about 1 I was sooo tired, I desparately wanted a nap but then only had half an hour until I needed to get dressed again to pick up my daughter from school for a meeting.  Then I came back and worked while she prepared for the meeting, then the meeting took over 2 hours and I had to stop on my home to drop off my laptop to get unlocked, so I got home shortly before 7  at which point I really needed to take some pain medication and then spent almost 2 hours preparing valentines for my younger daughter to take to school and then got her to bed and THEN realized that I forgot to wash her Valentines day outfit - which is why I am still awake (waiting to put clothes in the dryer)  

I'm working from home again tomorrow, and I need to do my valentines day shopping (on valentines day... urgh) and pick up my laptop... but I hope it will be a little more restful than today!!!

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