Monday, February 20, 2012

4 surgeries in less than a year...?

So I'm back to work again. Last week I worked from and today was my first day back in the office.  It really wore me out!  I was actually a little surprised how achey I was at the end of the day, not just my boobs, but my entire body!

I think that having had so many surgeries (4 actual surgeries this year, plus 2 needle biopsies, one of which was to drain fluid from my lung!), with the general anesthesia, and recoveries, and medications, and  everything else that went along with them, on top of the stress I've had this year (though I feel my sister really helped me get a good handle on my stress management) is really starting to take a toll on me.

So for an update - I had another fill on Friday.  I was still worried about infection, but I limited my questions to what I should do if something happens while he's out of town and who would be handling my care.  His answer was that I would still contact his office and we would be able to communicate with him still and if I had to see a surgeon, he has relationships other plastic surgeons in the area that can jump in and see me when he can't.  Unfortunately (for me) my breast surgeon has moved from the area to pursue specialization.

This time the fill hurt some.  I still didn't feel the needle pierce the skin, but i felt some kind of dull pain like in the muscle as the needle went in.  It was fine as he was filling though, so I don't think it has to do with being too full.  50 ccs in each again, which puts us at 200 (equivalent of a 250 implant).  I noticed a difference this time in the size and shape...

Also I had my free microdermabrasion treatment.  OUCH!  It's a metal sander with a vacuum they scrub your face with.  I looked horrible immediately after.  I was all red and my skin was bruised and spotty and I was told I shouldn't wear make up that day - so I went straight home!  By Sunday my skin was much better and today it actually looked pretty good!  I'm happy with the results and considering looking into doing it again for a better improvement of my acne scarring (though I'm really not too excited about going through the procedure again!!)

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