Friday, June 22, 2012

Appointment update

I went with my mom this morning to get a pedicure at the cosmetology school my sister in law attends. It was nice, I always enjoy the massage and now my nails which I usually keep some shade of pink are now sparkly red (for July 4th).

Later I had another follow up with my plastic surgeon. He checked the boobs out and said they looked good. He doesn't think I need to strap them down at this point. He thinks the outer edge of the pocket is formed well enough that they won't drift too far to the sides. This is good news.

I'm going to admit to something a little embarrassing here. It was probably Wednesday night. Monday night after I had the bandages removed and the bandeau off I slept with just a soft bra on. When I woke up I thought my boobs had moved apart from one another, so Tuesday night I slept with the bandeau on and I felt better about them in the morning, so I did it again Wednesday night, but then I woke up in the middle of the night with some arm numbness and boob pain, and had this intense fear that I had the bandeau too tight and cut off the blood supply and spent a couple sleepless hours afraid that the skin was going to die and I'd lose my ability to be reconstructed. Ugh. So that didn't happen thankfully, I'm sure I was thinking less than rationally, however I've kept the bandeau off and they seem to be okay.  And I was reassured when the plastic surgeon said they still looked good. He says there is some fluid in there and that's okay, we just need to stay vigilent in watching for infection.

I also told him about the numbness I have been experiencing.. basically my arms fall asleep easily, numerous times a day and at night when I'm sleeping. His thought is that the surgery may have disrupted something and or the swelling is causing it. I think the swelling is a likely explanation because the numbness seems to start on the lower portion on my armpit and spread from there and I definitely have a fair amount of swelling there. So I'm still happy with them.

Tomorrow I am going to the local FORCE group meeting. I'm excited to see everyone again and maybe meet some new people! attends

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  1. I am glad everything is ok! I bet it is hard not to worry about every little ache/pain after what you've been through! It sounds like you are on the right track :o) I also went to my local force chapter a few months back and it was great! Good to see some others (face to face) that are in our same situation.