Sunday, June 17, 2012

Exchange surgery complete!

I had my exchange surgery on Friday morning.  The exchange surgery is removing the expander implants and exchanging them for the actual implants, in my case - silicone. 

My mom took me in because my husband was out of town (for a work related seminar).  We had to be there at 7, so she picked me up at about 6:15 so we'd have plenty of time to drop off my daughter, who got to be the first kid at daycare and got to be the teachers helper (she gets excited about that sort of thing).

We ended up getting there about 15 minutes early, so we sat in the car and chatted until exactly 7, when we went in.  The nurse who greeted us asked if I remembered her from my last surgery, which I didn't so I felt kind of bad, but then later realized she must have been the nurse I saw AFTER surgery when my memory was still messed up from the drugs.

I went in and changed and they had me pee in a cup to ensure I wasn't pregnant.  Now I was very sure I wasn't pregnant, but I have to admit I had a little trepidation waiting for that to come back negative.  That would have been horrible timing for a positive pregnancy test!!  Of course I wasn't pregnant.

The doctor came in and drew on me.  We discussed again what he planned to do, and he said he thought we'd probably end up with the 360 cc implant, and I said - but we'll try for the 400 right? and He said yes, but we might not be able to to do that, and I acknowledged that I was aware and agreeable to whatever ended up happening.  Then somewhere along the line (it's hazy now) I fell asleep and woke up done!  I think one of my first questions was "did we get the 400?" and the answer was yes.  I don't remember talking to him, but my mom said he said I would probably be pretty happy with the results.

One thing I was TOTALLY happy with was that I did not have on the dreaded breast binder.  WOOHOO.  As much as I would have liked to add another to my collection (or not).... I was put into a white front closure bra wrapped with what I'm pretty sure he called a bandoo (compression strap) and then covered by what appears to be basically a giant ace bandage.

Then the thing I was NOT happy with - being told I can't shower until after my follow up appointment on Monday.   I feel sooooo gross when I don't shower daily, waiting 3 days is like torture.

My mom then took me home.  We stopped somewhere for lunch, I don't remember now for sure but I think it was taco bell, then I sat in the car while my mom grabbed stuff at the grocery store for dinner and looked for a twin size sheet that I wanted for the recliner. 

Then we hung out at the house (reclined in the recliner) until it was time to pick up my daughter from daycare.  I went along and we got snowcones, then came back to the house where my dad joined us for dinner.  By the end of the day I was pretty worn out and committed to relaxing more.

But overall I felt really good!  The next day (yesterday) I was really sore, and I spent most of the day resting.  I'm about ready to return to the recliner, but I wanted to post an update.  I'll post more later or tomorrow.  Here are a couple pictures though.  One is of my arm where it apparently put up a fight with the blood pressure cuff, there are little pinch bruises about an inch long circling my arm. not sure what that is about.  and my bandaged bust. note the staple holes.  I will be happy if I never get stapled again!

Blood Pressure Cuff attacked me.
Right now I'm pretty tired and sore, and battling a fairly bad headache, so I'm probably going to spend the rest of the day napping/resting, while my husband takes my daughter out for fathers day. 


  1. hooray! may your recovery be easy and swift!!

  2. Hi Amanda! So pleased you are doing so well. I had similar surgery to you in 2009. I run an online support group called BRCA umbrella and wondered if I could add a link to your fantastic blog.
    Keep smiling!C

    1. Hi Caroline! Thank you! I visit BRCA Umbrella. It would be awesome for you to add a link to my blog. :)