Friday, June 1, 2012

The pre-op for exchange surgery

At my pre-op appointment on wednesday I got to sign all the forms again and got somewhat different paperwork since it's regular implants not expanders.  I also got a little booklet from Allergan (which is the manufacturer of my future implants).  It has a spot in there for the ID cards for my implants when I get them.  I also got my prescriptions and hibiclense and all my check lists.

Then finally the conversation I've been waiting for... determining what size of implant I'm getting.  So right now my expander is 12 cm in diameter and is filled to 250ccs, they add about 50ccs for the expander material to better equate to the size of a real implant.  So essentially I'm at 12 cm in diameter and 300 ccs.

I really want more projection (how far they stick out).  So I was wanting a high profile implant.  His initial concern was that would give me a more "augmented" (fake?) look.  Then we came to what I think was the mutual conclusion that the way my pec muscles it wouldn't be too fake looking and I am not opposed to a somewhat "augmented" look.

The problem we have is that the 12 cm in diameter high profile implant is 400 ccs.  Even though we plan to open it up a little he's concerned he may not be able to close me up around an implant that big. So then we started looking at the moderate profile and my concern for the 12 cm is that its only 320 ccs, which is i'm guessing not noticablly bigger than I am now (which I want to be).  Going any bigger in the moderate profile means a larger diameter as well. 

So ultimately we've decided that he will have on hand 5 implants, ranging from the Allergan Natrelle™ Style 40 Smooth Round Moderate Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implant 320 ccs at 12 cm to the 400 ccs at 12.7 cm, PLUS the Allergan Natrelle™ Style 20 High Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implant 400 ccs at 11.9 cm. 

The goal is to get in the style 20, he'll use a sizer and have the others on hand and he knows what I want so he'll try to get there. So i'm going to go into surgery hoping for what I want but prepared for the smallest of those options, which technically would still be 20 ccs larger than I am now.  He thinks I could reasonably expect the 360 ccs at 12.5 cm

So we'll just have to wait and see!  I'm okay with that.  I'd rather go in with the possibilty of getting what I want, than settling before hand and not getting what I want and then wondering if it would have been possible.

Here is a picture that shows the difference in profiles with the diameter remaining constant

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