Friday, October 14, 2011


So today is 10 days post-op.  I had high hopes for getting my drains out today at my appointment with the plastic surgeon.  On Monday he had said it would be a possibility.  He wanted them filling with 25ccs or less over a 24 hour period.  So yesterday I was pretty sure I wouldn't get them removed today because I had 25 in one and 30 in the other.  I still was hopeful however because on message boards some people talk about getting them out when they're down to 30.  But no such luck.  He told me we'd shoot for next Wednesday.   So that's 5 more days!!!

If you aren't familiar with drains, They are JP Drains. Here is a picture... not mine - don't worry, I'm not posting pictures of my personal boob paraphernalia quite yet.

So the thick white part is "the Drain" and it is inside my body wrapped around the outer edges of my former breast. 

You can actually see it if you look at my chest, the skin is raised up around it, it's kind of creepy.  Then all that tubing hangs out of my body and the fluid build up runs through those tubes into the bulb. 

I have one on each side.  The holes the tubing comes out of are on my sides... if you are a woman and wear a bra it is in line with the back strap of a bra just outside of where an underwire would fall.

At first we had to empty the drains a few times a day, then we shifted to twice a day, and now I'm just doing it once a day.  Fluid and other bodily material sometimes gets backed up in the tubing, so when its time to empty the bulb I must also squeeze out the tubing.  Then we measure and record the fluid and flush it down the toilet!

So the bulbs hang out rather awkwardly around my waist.  They have to be pinned to something (I use a lanyard) to keep the weight of them from pulling at where they're stitched into my body.  I try to keep them concealed by keeping them stuffed under my shirt which makes me look like I have a weird lumpy pregnant belly.  Sometimes if I'm just hanging out at the house, I put a fuzzy sock over the bulbs.  It still looks weird, but I'm trying to protect my family from the grossness of it.  Better to see a weird fuzzy sock hanging out of my shirt than a plastic bulb filled with bodily fluid. 

So as you can imagine, even if I really felt like going somewhere and doing something, I'd kind of prefer to not do so until the drains out.  So far other than going to the plastic surgeon's office, I've only ventured once to grocery store and twice to the pharmacy.


But I am willing to deal with them as long as it takes for my plastic surgeon to think it's ideal to take them out.  I need to look at the big picture.  At this point I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get the best possible outcome.  I'd rather deal with these dumb drains another MONTH if it would mean the best outcome possible.  Luckily I won't have to wait that long for sure!  There comes a point that they become an infection risk, and they'll pull them out no matter what.  So there is an end in sight...

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