Thursday, January 12, 2012

100 Days Since Mastectomy!

WOW!  ... Hmmm. It's not like I'm going to throw a party or reminisce over the good times.  But 100 days seems pretty substantial.  Its been 100 days since my boobs were removed and with them a huge weight on my shoulders (both figuritively and literally, HA!).  100 days I've spent relatively little time consumed with thoughts about cancer.  100 days I've looked in the mirror and seen something that is not familiar to me.  100 days of varied levels of discomfort. 

Well.  It doesn't end here.  I just hope the next 100 days are better than the first, and continue to reaffirm what the goal was.  100 days ago I removed my boobs and put up the "No Cancer Allowed" sign.

Maybe when it's been a year I'll feel like throwing a party.  Or better yet 10 years!  THAT will be the real milestone.

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