Thursday, January 12, 2012

Preop Appointment Today

I had my preop appointment today!  Two weeks from tomorrow I will be having my expanders put back in!   It was pretty straightforward, nothing new or exciting really.  I got to peak at the waiting room and recovery room in what I will call the "surgical suite".  There are 2 beds in the recovery area and I have been informed I am the second surgery.  Since I'm the second surgery and I'm supposed to be there at 9 and there is only one operating room, I will almost definitely share the recovery room with someone else for atleast some portion of the time.  This is probably more normal than I'm feeling about it.  I would guess they set up the curtains in such a way that you probably never even see the other person and it probably is infact much like the initial recovery area at a hospital before going to "your room". 

I pointed out the two little weird spots that I have that he confirmed are loose sutures, so if he can readily access them while he's in there, he'll get them out, otherwise they'll still be okay, they'll disolve over time.  He also said I'd have the smaller drains this time, technically "Medium" drains, but they're small compared to the ones I had after the infection, so that will be nice!  And he said I will very likely have them for a much shorter time period.  YAY.

When I asked the nurse whether I should bring something like a breast binder, or a front closing sports bra, she said no, they would be putting something on me.. she's pretty sure a breast binder.  My husband asked if they had something other than pink or blue... (since we currently have 2 blue and 1 pink...)  she laughed and said no.. just pink or blue.. with flowers.   Another pink one would be nice I guess,   I (semi) joked with her that it would be nice to have white, or black.. you know something more neutral..  She didn't like the idea of white because of staining.. but thought black would be cool.  Oh well, maybe someday she'll find herself in charge of ordering them and someone in the future will get a cool black breast binder!  Seriously though.. who needs 4 breast binders?!  And I'm guessing now that I'll end up with a 5th before I'm completely finished.

It really is somewhat of a pain to be allergic to 2 major groups of antibiotics.  It is apparently quite limiting.  So I'm hoping all goes well and there are no infections!

So, back to the time frame.  I will go in at 9 am.  I can't eat or drink past midnight, and have to do the special cleaning the night before and morning of, just like last time.  I will probably be dying of thirst by time I reach the office (that's how it goes, when you're not allowed to drink.. suddenly your more thirsty than you've ever been in your life!  Thats how it is for me anyway)

He said he will probably be operating a total of an hour and a half or so, but there is time on both sides for getting me in there and under general anesthesia and then finishing things up and getting me awake again.   He estimated I would probably leave the office around 1:30 or 2.  I'm a little nervous about this.. I've only had one outpatient surgery before and it was a seemingly much simpler breast biopsy... But if for some reason something doesn't' go right, the actual hospital is just right there... practically across the parking lot.

Nothing will go wrong though.  I am confident.   This will be as easy as we could hope for!

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