Friday, January 27, 2012

What? I just had surgery?

I am back home now after my surgery to put tissue expanders back in.  I'm still a little foggy from the anesthesia and have taken my pain meds.  I am currently feeling a tiny bit sore and get this painful zap in my left breast every so often. But otherwise I feel pretty good!  The difference in how I feel now compared with how felt after the 2 prior surgeries is amazing!  I'm a little disappointed in the initial size.  He only put in 100 c's.  He had put in over 200 at the first surgery.  I'm also a little concerned about the potential size... The expanders he used are 300 cc implants and I'm pretty sure last time they were 500. So I guess we will see....
But one piece of exciting good news - NO DRAINS!!!  Woohoo!  He decided it wasn't worth the added risk of infection this time around.  I won't argue with that decision.  It's soooo much better without them. 
Now its time for a nap. 

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