Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is Under My Shirt?

So I've had some comments from people along the lines of "If you hadn't told me you were doing this, I wouldn't even be able to tell anything had changed!"

Well thats nice of them.  I know there is a fairly substantial size difference between what I had going on before and the forms I'm using now, but maybe that goes to show that people just don't pay *that* much attention to my boobs!

Anyway, so while I am planning on sharing "pictures" sometime soon.. I'm still not there, but I will share a non body picture of what is making me appear normal from the outside.

So this is what is under my shirt:

I wear this bra (or one like it) with the "forms" inside the cups over a thin sports bra and under a camisole.

I don't like to wear the forms directly on my skin (so the bra underneath) and If I don't wear a camisole over this bra the shape isn't quite right, not to mention without the camisole it would be obvious I didn't have boobs if you snuck a peak down my shirt.

But this setup beats nothing, and far exceeds the weird nursing pad, surgical gauze combo I had going initially after surgery.

10 more days!!!

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